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Project seems to be dead - check DNN xChange

As this project is apparently dead, people should probably go here: That's a project that is based on DotNetNuke Q&A but that actually still is actively developed.

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HTML Pro and Tokens

Hi there Can anyone help with using Tokens in HTML Pro module in DNN. ! I have an Iframe inserted in one and want use Tokens from the user details in the page src. Any help appreciated.

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Updated Release coming anytime?

Just wondering if an update with the latest tweaks is going to be released.

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Azure Support

Thanks for the great Module you have provided, but is there any intentions to support Azure on the near future ?

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Create Tags????

I am trying to create my first question but it will not allow me to create a questions without a Tag. I also cannot figure out how to create a Tag. Can you please show me how to create Tags? Whe...

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Are you going to support DNN 7?

This module is built on dnn 6, it requires some components that are not supported in dnn 7 . this module is very good and it deserve upgrade to dnn 7 platform I wonder will it be stable on dnn 7? ...

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exception with dnn 7.1.2

Hi all after upgrade dnn7.1.1 to dnn7.1.2 i get the following error DotNetNuke.Services.Exceptions.ModuleLoadException: Could not load file or assembly 'WebFormsMvp, Version=, Culture=neutr...

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allow comment

i want to allow users to comment under each question and can vote-up and vote-down each questions

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Change: "Whats Your DotNetNuke Question?"

Looking to change this to "What's your Question?" Sure seems like with it saying DotNetNuke it would be in the options of the module. How many users are going to know what a DotNEtNuke question i...

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New version?

Is there any plan about a new versión of Q&A? Thank's in advance

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